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You Should Become A Foster Parent If...

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If you are looking to make a difference in the life of an at-risk child, then foster care services could be a great way for you to give back. Here are some ways for you to know if you're ready to become a foster parent.

You Are Financially Stable

There's no doubt that raising a child is a costly endeavor. Foster care services can give you a stipend to help you accommodate a new child into your budget. However, the foster care agency will want to see that you're financially stable before they allow you to care for a child. Besides checking your background and employment history, the agency will want to see that you have a stable home environment to welcome a new child.

You Are Willing to Work with a Case Worker

The support of case workers is something to get used to if you want to raise a foster child. Your case workers will want to check on the child regularly to make sure that they are adjusting to their new home environment. You should apply to be a foster parent only if you're willing to work with the case worker and communicate regularly about how your child is doing.

You Can Be Patient with the Child

Although the goal is for your child to integrate seamlessly with your existing family, this could take some time to work in reality. Many foster children have dealt with past abuse and traumas, and they need some time to feel secure in their new home environment. Counselors can help your child adjust to having you as a guardian, and your case worker can also provide you with the child's history and tips for helping them open up to you. Being a foster parent can take a lot of patience as you learn to love a new child.

You Are Ready for a Major Life Change

Becoming a foster parent can change your entire life. The bond that you'll form with your foster child can become a very meaningful part of that child's life, and they may continue to seek your support well into adulthood. When you are able to create a loving and supportive environment for a child in need, the benefits can be endless to you and the child. If you can meet each of these criteria, consider foster care services to help a child who needs your care. 

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