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These Answers Can Help If You Are Considering Adoption For Your Unborn Child

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You don't have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. If you aren't ready to raise a child but you want to give your baby their best chance at life, working closely with an adoption agency, such as Hope's Promise, beginning as soon as you know you are pregnant is an excellent choice. The following answers to common questions can help you make your decision.

Question #1: How Much Does Carrying to Term Cost?

Answer: Often, the agency handling your adoption and the adoptive family will cover all prenatal, delivery, and postnatal costs that are incurred. This can be one way to ensure that you receive optimum health care throughout your pregnancy and afterward. If you are choosing adoption so you can give your child the best possible chances in life, this is one way to ensure they receive the best early care possible.

In fact, you may even receive a stipend for missed work, to purchase maternity clothing, vitamins, and any other expenses that are not covered by your personal health insurance plan.

Question #2: Do You Have a Choice In Choosing an Adoptive Family?

Answer: This depends upon the agency and the type of adoption you choose. If you opt for a closed adoption, you will not be given any identifying information on the adoptive family, and they will not receive any information about you. International adoptions, for example, are often closed adoptions due to logistical reasons. Agencies often allow you to meet and select potential the adoptive family. The level of openness may vary. Some open adoptions allow for visitation with the child after they are born, while others only allow for the exchange of written updates and photographs. You can work with an agency to choose the best option for you.

Question #3: What If the Birth Father Isn't Supportive of Your Choice?

Answer: Your best option is to meet with an adoption agency to pursue your options. Parental rights vary by state, so the agency may link you with an attorney to help you determine the best course of action in your case. For example, in some states the birth father may have no rights to the child if they have not helped with financial support or pregnancy care, or if they fail to register that they are requesting parental rights. An adoption attorney recommended or hired by your agency is the best option when it comes to dealing with this delicate situation.